What is FIRST?

FIRST is an organization who creates and hosts our competitions they also hope to inspire young students to become science and technology leaders.


What do you do in robotics?

Each year our team participates in a game that FIRST creates and we have to create a robot to make a robot to compete in the game. Students have the choice of working in programming, mechanical, electrical, marketing/media and scouting.

What does 2603 mean?

2603 is the team number assigned by FIRST to the Steel Stingers. It also shows the order that our team signed up with FIRST, so our team was the 2,603rd team to sign up with FIRST.

What happens at competition?

Each team’s robot competes against one another in a competition assigned by FIRST. Each year a different challenge is published for the teams. For this year’s competition click here.

Where are competitions held?

Robotics competitions are held in various cities and states in the US, as well as in other countries. In our area there is a competition in Cleveland, Miami Valley, and Pittsburgh.

When/How long are meetings?

Meetings take place everyday after school during the robotics seasons and are held until from 4-7 Monday-Thursday and 2:30-5:30 on Fridays.

How do you become a member?

To join a FIRST robotics team you must find a local team and sign up.
Personally for team 2603, you must be enrolled at Highland High School

What are the benefits of participating in robotics? 

By participating in robotics students increase their understanding for science and technology, as well as increased skills in teamwork and problem solving.

How has the team done in past competitions?

Check out our history at TheBlueAlliance.com