Meet the Team

In robotics, our team offers extra activities for kids interested in other leaves of the robotics team, along with our authority figures.

Executive Team
In charge of running our team, helping us place in competitions and support organize any professional matters.

Our mentors help guide us through our mechanical and electrical work.

Team Captain & Co-Captain
Katie and Abby are in charge of organizing team socials, planning and executing recruiting activities, and evaluating fundraising efforts.

Team Leads
These students run the teams we have throughout our club.

Electric: Tyler
These students take care of our wiring in the production of our robot.

Mechanical: Katie
Our mechanical students deal with the responsibility of making our robot as a whole and designing needed parts

Programming: Abby
Programming consist of students being able to adapt the skill to program our robot into developing techniques to perform the tasks needed.

Marketing/Media : Maddie
This team is inspired to work on our t-shirts, website design, production of advertising, and also handling social media.

Safety: Lunke
Our safety team protects the needs of our student developers to make sure everything is safe.

Spirit: Maddie
Spirit team is in charge of working together to make creative ideas in order to show our team’s spirit.

This team is involved with tracking other teams and keeping an eye out for new updates and collecting data.

TEAM 2603 Medina, Ohio