Meet the Team

In robotics, everyone on our team is able to participate. Our team has many areas of opportunity for everyone even if they are not mechanically inclined.

Our mentors help guide us through our work during the season and help us to be the best we can be.

Team Captains
Our team captains are Boyd and Hannah, they are in charge of organizing team socials, planning and executing recruiting activities, and evaluating fundraising efforts.

Team Leads
On our team we have smaller groups of students with more specific jobs suited for every member of our team. Each sub team has a team lead to give advice, guide more inexperienced students, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Electric: Tyler and Alex
These students take care of wiring and some pneumatics on our robot.

Mechanical: Hannah and Matt
Our mechanical team deals with the responsibility of making our robot as a whole and designing necessary parts.

Carpentry: Ian 
Carpentry is used to build any pieces used for testing the robot or anything needed around our workspace.

Programming: Boyd
Programming consist of students being able to program the software needed for our robot to run and perform the necessary tasks for competition.

Business: Andrew
This team works on our sponsorship, fundraisers, spirit wear, website design, advertising, and social media.

Spirit: Lilia
Spirit team is in charge of creating new ways to showcase our team’s creativity and spirit.

Graphic Design: Maddie
Our graphic design team creates and artwork that our team uses on spirit-wear or decorations for competition.

Safety: Luke
Our safety team makes sure everyone is safe while using machinery or working in our workspace and at competitions.

Scouting: Preston
This team is involved with tracking other teams at competition and getting new ideas from what other teams have.


Programming Lead