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Progress So Far.



We had a successful win for our first match with the score of 88 to 5 in the favor of the blue alliance. Our second match was 81 to 55 in the favor of the red alliance. It was a great match but suffered a defeat.

Meet Our Team!!

This past week the marketing team has been asking everyone what FIRST means to them. The result was this video introducing everyone to the 2014 Highland Robotics team!! Be sure to check it out!

Give-Away 2014

What are these strange piles of green and black?  Gobs of goo? A new way to make a drive train? A slingshot perhaps?  No. It’s our give away! We’re following the rainbow loom trend and making 400 or so bracelets! Make sure you find us at the Buckeye Regional to get your own original Highland Robotics bracelet!

Pittsburgh FIRST Regional

Streaming live video by Ustream

Schedule for Team 2603:


Match 1    900 am    Blue

Match 14    10:31 am    Red

Match 17    10:52 am    Blue

Match 28    1:40 pm    Blue

Match 35    2:36 am    Blue

Match 39    3:08 pm    Red

Match 46    4:04 pm    Red


Match 60 9:07 am    Red

Match 65    9:42 am    Red

Match 69.    10:27 am   Blue

Match 78.   11:13 am    Red

Results available here.


Buckeye Regional FIRST Competition

This is the webcast of the Buckeye Regional. Thanks to Team 291 CIA – Creativity in Action and to USTREAM. If this embed doesn’t work on your computer, click here.

The schedule, match results, and standings are available here.

Team 2603 is competing on Friday in match 7 at 9:51am, match 12 at 10:21am, match 21 at 11:15am, match 40 at 2:40pm, match 49 at 3:39pm, match 54 at 4:09pm, match 66 at 5:21p.

They are competing on Saturday in match 76 at 9:51am, match 83 at 10:33am, and match 96 at 11:51am.

Free live streaming by Ustream