Safety,  Takes , Our , Patience

Safety guidelines for 2603!

  • Safety is the most important goal for  our F.I.R.S.T team.
  • To be able to create a safe work zone we:
    • Have every member read the safety manual and abide by the rules.
    • Always wear protective gear.
    • Keep a clean and  organized work zone.
    • Check area for unsafe situations… report if any are found.
    • Make ourselves aware of the location we are competing at for all safety instructions.
    • Watch for batteries that may be leaking, and keep the safety cap on them.
    • Check our work area with our team safety check list.
    • Work together as a team to make the best safety net possible to keep others and our team safe during  F.I.R.S.T activities.

Safety Check List

    • Safety protection worn by all members?
    • Safety check list handy.
    • Area checked for safety precautions:
      • Are there any cords hanging?
      • Any open chemical containers?
      • Do we have a clean work area?
      • Is there an adult in the pit or work area with the team members?
    • All tools hand or powered in good condition and equipped with safety devices.
    • Are the tools put away and stored correctly ..out of reach of harm?
    • All chemicals in the area are in a damage free container, sealed properly and used for the right reason?
    • Are all electrical cords in good condition with no bare wires showing?
    • One power strip per outlet.
    • Do the batteries have the safety caps on them when not in use?
    • The work area is well organized, free of clutter and debris?
    • Are the aisle ways clear?
    • Are we under the height limit in our work (pit) area?
    • On the playing field:
      • Team members need to disconnect electrical before moving robot off the field.
      • Always lift with your legs and back straight up.
      • Make sure no one is working on or touching the robot when it’s energized.
      • Watch yourself and others when you are transporting the robot or supplies .
      • Be courteous of other teams ,visitors mentors and guests while moving around the robot or pieces of equipment.

Safety starts with an open eye, and respect for what you are doing.

TEAM 2603 Medina, Ohio